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Fresh Royal Jelly Singapore


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Singapore 50 Years Old
FDA Certified Royal Jelly
 FDA and Singapore
   AVA Certified






Welcome to Shinsen Healthy Product

:: Fresh Royal Jelly 100% Pure and freshly harvested Royal Jelly, contained all natural essential richness to human life. Vibrant and Younger look naturally.

:: Royal Jelly Phase 2 A new empowering, permissive approach to healthy eating, balance diets and weight management. Celebrities Lose 4 lbs per week of Belly Fat With This Secret.

:: Royal Jelly Capsule Lyophilized Royal Jelly Capsule is made directly from fresh royal jelly. It is 100% pure and no food preservatives added combines modern conveniences with best of pure Royal Jelly.

:: Royal Jelly Mask It has special qualities that help keep your skin radiant, soft and smooth at the same time help prevent wrinkles.

:: Fresh Honey Fresh and Quality Pure Honey, awarded Asian Champion Honey runner up, a real elixir of life.

:: Honey Vinegar A natural health drink made from Honey fermentation. It is light and aromatic that helps blood circulation and digestion system.

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1. Buy two 250g Fresh Royal Jelly and get 5 sachets of RJP2 (Royal Jelly Phase 2) Free.

2. Buy two boxes of Royal Jelly Capsule and get 5 sachets of RJP2 (Royal Jelly Phase 2) Free.

3. Free delivery in Singapore, Call Hotline 6336 0206

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Post Natal Care
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A Practical and Holistic guide to Healthcare for Mother and baby. A great book to suit the health needs and lifestyle of the urban mother.

"I would personally recommend this book to other doctors and pediatricians. This book is much awaited since it is the need of the hour" - Dr. Anjana Sachabudhawong, Pediatric Pulmonologist



Shinsen Pure Royal Jelly

Fresh Royal Jelly


Royal Jelly Phase2


Shinsen Pure Honey

Fresh Honey


Shinsen Honey Vinegar

Honey Vinegar

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