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About 10-HDA

The composition of royal jelly is unique. It is an acid food with a pH of 3 to 4. In liquid form (fresh royal jelly), it is two-thirds water with approximately 12% protein. Natural sugars vary depending on the needs of the queen but average approximately 11%. The fatty acids are chemically perhaps the most interesting five percent of royal jelly.

One of specific unsaturated fatty acids in royal jelly is 10-Hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acid or 10-HDA.

It is the marker compound used to test royal jelly potency. Because potency can vary in commercial royal jelly products, it is important to get royal jelly from a source that tests regularly for 10-HDA content.

10-HDA, which younger bees produce in their mandibular glands, is an important active substance in royal jelly and a substance. It is not found anywhere else in nature that fights bacteria (gram-positive bacteria, which include the staph and strep species), viruses, and fungus. It stimulates the production of spleen and lymph cells, which make antibodies available to remove toxic substance (free radicals) and fight the spread of disease, also helping to strengthen your general immunity.
Temperature and period of royal jelly preservation affects the competency to restrain bacteria growing. The most appropriate temperature of royal jelly preservation is -18 C within 24 hours because the competency against bacterial growth is highest. After that, the competency against bacterial growth is lessened, and finally in stable level. In addition, royal jelly preserved under 0-2 C and -18 C has better competency to restrain bacterial growth than preserved under room temperature.

10-HDA prevents many forms of cancer, prevents and treats Leukemia, helps to prevent and treat Sarcomas group of cancers. It also can cause significant alleviation of symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

SHINSEN Royal Jelly guarantees the quality control of Fresh Royal Jelly with 10-HDA > 1.99%



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