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BBC News on Sunday 5, December, 2004

Honey 'could help fight cancer'. Honey and royal jelly could become part of the powerful weapons against cancer resercher says.
A team from the University of Zagreb in Croatia, Dr. Nada Orsolic and colleagues found a range of honey-bee products stopped tumours growing or spreading in tests on mice. Writing in the Journal of the Science of food and Agriculture.They say human cancer suffers may also see benefits. But they said the products should be considered for use along with, not instead of, chemotherapy treatment.

Royal jelly, used as food for young bee larva made by worker bees, also significant inhibited tumour spread when injected at the same time as tumour cells. When royal jelly was injected intratumourally, tumour shrinkage occurred, and the delay of tumor growth was evident.

Propolis, a resin-like substance used in the construction of honeycombs, and chemical found in propolis called caffeic acid significantly reduced subcutaneous tomour growth and prolonged the survival of mice. Honey also inhibited the spread of the tumour when applied before tumour cell inoculation in the lungs.

The way in which the bee products work to combat the tumours is not clear, but the authors suggest the chemicals cause apoptosis (cell suicide) or necrosis of the cancerous cells, or that they exert directly toxic or immunomodulatory effects. They may also reduce harmful oxyradicals in cells or body fluids, said the Croatian team.




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