A natural health drink made from Honey fermentation. It is light and aromatic that helps blood circulation and digestion system.

Honey Vinegar

Honey and vinegar as a remedy has been made well known as a medicine goes back to ancient times.

One rationale for the vinegar and honey regimen is that a person’s blood stream tends toward becoming alkaline through a modern diet of fats, starches and de-vitalized processed foods. The acidity of vinegar, although weak, is enough to correct this excess alkalinity, and that a slightly acidic bloodstream prevents and fights infection. Since vinegar solution in a tea-kettle dissolves mineral build-up, research has found that calcium deposits in the joints might also be dissolved by a slightly acidic bloodstream.

Honey added to the vinegar naturally makes the mixture more drinkable for people. Honey also contains subtle amounts of energies and minerals just beginning to be noticed, let alone fully understood. Curative powers of honey were known about in ancient civilizations, and naturopathic doctors recommend it still. It is what is not known about honey that is probably of greatest medicinal value.

Shinsen Honey Vinegar is specially blended and made from honey fermentation in which the Vinegar was obtained from pure honey. The utilization of pure bee honey for vinegar production needed a fermentation process of about 6 months. Our process ensures alcohol content of below 0.5% or almost zero, which is FDA requirement for natural food or contains No Alcohol. The final process was blended with Pure Honey of the right proportion. This process produced the best delicate flavor of the highest quality. It is a natural health drink that is light and aromatic, gold in color

Shinsen Honey Vinegar can be easily absorbed by human body and helpful for many body functions. It may be used as salad dressing or sprinkle over grilled fish and chicken.

Health Benefit of Honey Vinegar

  • Eliminate extra fats, Slimming and Detoxification.
  • Enhance skin complexion and slowdown aging process.
  • Improve digestion system and blood circulation.
  • Enhance the immune system and antibiotics.


Pure Honey 47% and Vinegar 53%(Obtained from Honey)

Recommended Usage

Mix honey vinegar with cold water in a proportion 2:1. It could also be used over salad or food.
FDA Registration number: 50-1-02237-2-0012