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Common frequently asked question from our customers about Shinsen healthy products to help you understand our product.
There are also some user testimonials about our product.

Common Q&A


May I know from what source is your honey harvested?

Our honey, the sweet fluid, is the nectar of longan flowers collected by worker bees. It is further lab tested and only the highest quality harvest is pack into sags for retails.

Can you provide more information about the quality of your fresh Royal Jelly?

Our Royal Jelly is freshly harvested that is made by worker bees of 5-15 days of age by Hypopharyngeal gland and Mandibular gland. Samples were taken for lab test and guarantee the quality control of Fresh Royal Jelly with 10-HDA ≥ 2%. Immediately after packaging, it is stored under refrigeration and prior sending for retail is pack with cooling foam to ensure freshness during shipment.

What is the most suitable age to take your Bee’s or Royal Jelly Product and also are there any side effects?

In fact bees products are widely used nowadays especially honey, our bees products are specially selected with highest quality hence is safe for all ages however we recommend children under 2 do consult a healthcare professional prior taking it as some are sensitive to bees products. Also commonly known for those allergies to bee’s products do not consume it, others than that there is no side effects ever observed.

What is the difference between your Fresh and Capsule Royal Jelly?

Basically its something similar to fresh and dried fruits, generally fresh is more bioactive. Freeze dried capsule Royal Jelly is about 85 to 90 percent bioactive, however it’s consider by many to be as good as fresh Royal Jelly. Shinsen Royal Jelly Capsule is highly concentrated that contained approximately 5.2% 10-HDA Lab tested by LCFA (Lab for Food and Agricultural Products).

Where can I view and buy your products?

Currently our retail shops are available in Singapore and Thailand, please refer to contact us page for details. We also provide shipment into others countries however some products have delivery criteria in order to maintain freshness. Do refer to individual product page for details.

User Testimonials


“I felt more energetic and also sleep well after taking your fresh Royal Jelly, before I always has difficulty in sleeping and really felt miserable in the morning” Stephen Lee, 44, Singapore.

“Your honey really smooth and taste good, and thanks for your prompt delivery” Ms Irene Lee, 33, Singapore.

“My whole family really likes the Honey Vinegar it’s so refreshing and soothing in taste unlike others vinegar drinks which I bought before” Peter Chua, 67, Singapore.

“I bought a complete set of your products in a trade show, it’s really good me and my wife likes it a lot” Mr. Suraphon, 32, Thailand.